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XK-5 System

Modular organ-system
with the looks of our classic B-series

A modular instrument that can grow from a single keyboard to full organ like the B-3...

The upper manual XK-5 and the lower manual XLK-5 are the basis of the Hammond XK-5 system.


It all begins with the beautiful Hammond XK-5. add the XLK-5 Lower Manual,  the wooden “B-3 look” Stand STXLK-5W,  the Music-Rest MR-5W, the B-3 style bench BCH-250. The 25-note XPK-250W Pedalboard includes a special XK-5 compatible expression pedal. It’s the absolute top pedal for the experienced organ player.


The Hammond® XK-5 System does for appearance what the innards of the XK-5 do for sound. 

Demand nothing less than perfection from your Tone-Wheel Organ Sound,  feel the Touch and Responsiveness and you will know that you are not playing a clone.


The upper manual XK-5 and the lower manual XLK-5 are the basis of the Hammond XK-5 system.

Besides the Wooden Stand and a metal stand in Black, Hammond also offers 5 kinds of pedalboards, 2 kinds of benches, a Music-Rest and an Expression Pedal.


The XK-5 has no internal speakers and must be connected to a Leslie® speaker or a set of Keyboard Amplifiers. The recommended Leslies are the 3300P and 3300WP.

The Optional Parts For XK5 Full System in The Wood Finish

  • Hammond XK5 Organ

  • Hammond XLK5 Lower Manual

  • Hammond STXLK5W Wooden Stand

  • Hammond XPK-250W 25 note MIDI Pedalboard With Expressions Pedal

  • Hammond BCH-250W Wooden Bench

  • Hammond MR5W Wooden Music Rest

The Optional Parts For XK5 Full System in The Black Metal Finish

  • Hammond XK5 Organ

  • Hammond XLK5 Lower Manual

  • Hammond STXLK-5B Black Metal Stand

  • Hammond XPK-250B 25 note MIDI Pedalboard With Expressions Pedal

  • Hammond BCH-250XK Black Bench

  • Hammond MR5W Wooden Music Rest

XK5 Full System Image Gallery

Completely Redesigned Key-bed

The XK-5's keyboard action is built in-house, not sourced from a third-party manufacturer. We designed it to duplicate the heft, bounce, and key dip of a "new old stock" and well-maintained B-3: No springy synth keys allowed! Master Hammond players who tested early prototypes confirmed that nothing comes closer to the feel and response they expect. Of course it has the "waterfall" key fronts critical to Hammond playing techniques such as palm slides. Play the XK-5 alongside any other modern organ and we're convinced you'll find the difference stunning.

XK5 Videos

Hammond XK5 A Beginners Guide

Hammond XK5 Classic Edition

XK5 Specifications


MTW I(Modelled Tone Wheel I)
61 polyphony (for manual)
3 polyphony (for pedal)



73 (61 + 12 Preset Keys) 
Water Fall type
Virtual Multi Contact



- Upper: 2 x 9 Pitches
- Lower: 2 x 9 Pitches
- Pedal: 2 Pitches
- Manuals: 4 choices (A-100, B-3, C-3, Mellow)
- Pedal: 4 choices (Normal, Muted, Synth1, Synth2)
- Virtual Multi Contact



Buttons - Percussion On, Th ird Harmonic, Fast Decay, Volume Soft 
Adjustable - Touch, Velocity, Decay (Fast, Slow), Level (Normal, Soft)



Vibrato and Chorus - Digital Scanner
Tube Pre-Amp Device: 12AX7, 12AU7 - Adjustable: Routing, Level
Overdrive - Control: On, Depth
Multi Effects - 8 programs
Equalizer - Bass, Mid, Treble, Tone
Internal Leslie - Advanced Digital, 2 Rotors - Buttons: Bypass, Stop, Fast
Reverb - Digital, 11 programs - Control: On, Depth - Leslie On Reverb
Master Equalizer - Bass, Mid, Treble


Buttons - Pedal To Lower, Split, Transpose, Octave Down, Octave Up, Lower
Adjustable - Coupler Highest note, Split Point


Capacity - 100 User Patches, 100 Factory Patches, Adjust Preset A#/B
Favorites - 10 Keys
Patch Load Options - Drawbar Registration, Drawbar Parameters, Internal Zone, External - Zone, Eff ects, Reverb


Volume - Master Volume
Switch - Power On/Off


USB Flash Drive


20 - Characters, 2 - Lines
7 Control Buttons and Value knob



Templates - 5 Templates


- 3 External Zones (Upper)
- 2 External Zones (Lower)
- 1 External Zone (Pedal)
- and Keyboard Channels: Upper, Lower, Pedal



MIDI - In (Pedal), In (Lower/Other), Out
USB - To Host
H-Bus - To Keyboard/Pedal (0.3A max)
Audio - Line Out L/Mono, R, Headphones (Rear, Bottom)
Leslie - 11 - pin, 1 and 3 channels available
Others - Leslie Switch, Foot Controller 1, 2, Exp. Pedal, AC Inlet


119(W), 40(D), 12(H) cm


15.7 kg

XK5 Accessories

High-quality Hammond branded accessories are the perfect partner for your Hammond instrument. 

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