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Expression & Switch Pedals


Expression Pedal

Hammond's expression-pedal EXP-100 operates through the use of a photo-electric cell. This ensures both long-life of this accessory as well as the realistic volume-response that Hammond owners have gotten used to...

The model EXP-100F (shown on the picture) also has a side-switch that can be assigned different functions (such as Leslie slow/fast) by your hammond-instrument.



Expression Pedal

The Hammond EXP50J is a substantial, full size pedal which is designed to work with the Hammond SK and XK series keyboards and organs. Simply plug the cable into your Hammond instrument and it just works!

This a a really good quality expression pedal and adds to the authentic playing experience of a Hammond instrument.


Expression Pedal

This is the original Hammond branded expression pedal suitable for use with the XK1c, SK1, SK2, XK3c and SKX models. This pedal is designed to control the volume of the keyboard/organ to which it is connected.

The EXP20 plugs directly into the 1/4" expression jack socket on your Hammond instrument.




This foot switch can be programmed to control various functions on the XK-1, XK-2, XK-3,XK5, XK System, XE-1, XE-2, SK-1, and SK-2 keyboards. The ¼” jack provided on the FS-9H plugs directly into the Foot Switch connector on these keyboard products.

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