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BT-122 Baby Leslie
Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Hammond BT-122 Baby Leslie Speaker is a Bluetooth audio speaker for connection to your phone or tablet device. The BT-122 inherits the looks of the original Leslie 122 speaker, which was originally designed for use with the legendary Hammond B3 organ.

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Leslie BT122 Features

The BT-122 features an Omni-directional sound system with a passive radiator to produce beautiful high frequencies and the rich low tones that Leslie speakers are famous for.

The BT-122 does not have a mechanical rotating speaker nor does it produce a rotating speaker effect. LED's simulate the look of the spinning "rotor horn".


The unit is finished in a traditional natural wood effect, with the authentic Leslie logo on the nameplate.


Hammond BT-122 Baby Leslie Speaker Dimensions & Weight:

  • Width 116 / Depth 88 / Height 165mm

  • Weight: 590g

BT122 Videos

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