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A stand-alone Leslie unit,

...both portable and expandable!

Our new Leslie 2101 mk2, just like its predecessor, is a complete stand-alone Leslie unit. This versatile multiple-channel Leslie can be connected to any keyboard or organ requiring an amplifier with a single channel or multi-channel input.

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Leslie 2101mk2 Features

A newly designed vacuum tube preamp and overdrive section, and an advanced Digital Leslie simulator enhance the overal sound quality of this outstanding Leslie product.

The unit contains two stationary channels, namely, left and right, and a rotary channel. Each of the stationary channels is powered by a new 75W RMS amplifier and the rotary channel is powered by a 50W RMS amplifier. This gives this Leslie a total output of 200W RMS

An 11-pin Leslie-socket as well as phone-jack inputs are provided for the rotary channel and for the left and right stationary channels.

The musician can adjust the slow- and fast-speed, the rise- and fall-time, as well as the brake-time. Plus... these settings can be saved. A MIDI terminal enables control of many of the Leslie functions from your organ or keyboard.

Best of all..., it maintains the traditional Leslie sound !

Leslie 2101 mk2 is a complete stand-alone unit that is expandable

A vacuum tube with tube-overdrive make it versatile and perfect for all genres like Pops, Jazz, Roots, Rock, Country, Blues, Latin, Reggae, World/Ethnic and Folk.

2101mk2 Specifications


Three-channel Input : Rotary(Acoustic Horn), Stationary-L(Digital Lower Horn), Stationary-R(Digital Lower Horn)



Vacuum Tube-preamp and overdrive


Rotary Channel 50W RMS, Stationary Channel 75W RMS x2



Horn Driver x1, 15cm-Woofer x2, 5cm-Thweeter x2


Leslie 11-pin socket, Leslie 8-pin DIN, Line-in (Mono phone-jack) for Stationary-L, Line-in (Mono phone-jack) for Stationary-R, Line-in (Mono phone-jack) for Rotary, MIDI IN, Foot-sw1(preset), Foot-sw2(slow/fast)



Line-out (Stereo phone-jack) for Stationary&Rot.Bass-L/R, Line-out (Stereo phone-jack) for Rotary-L/R, External speaker-connection for Lower L/R, Remote-power, MIDI OUT



Volume (Sta-L, Sta-R, Rotary), Tube-overdrive with Tube On/Off, Tube-mode, Eight-position function-switch, Value Up/Down, Rotor Upper/Lower: Slow-speed,Fast-speed, Rise-time, Fall-time, Break-time, Horn-level, Lower-level, Bass-level, Preset 1-2, Memory, Channel-mode: Sta Mono/Stereo


High-impact, black leather-like finish


Stationary Leslie Unit 2121, Stand-adapter LSA-21, Foot-switch FS-9H, Leslie 11-pin cable, Leslie 8-pin cable


52cm(W) x 52cm(D) x 32,5cm(H)


23 kg

2101mk2 Accessories

High-quality Hammond branded accessories are the perfect partner for your Leslie speaker 

2101mk2 Downloads

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