The XK-5  System is our modular organ-system with the appearance of a classic B-series Hammond.


It all begins with the beautiful Hammond XK-5. add the XLK-5 Lower Manual,  the wooden “B-3 look” Stand STXLK-5W,  the Music-Rest MR-5W, the B-3 style bench BCH-250. The 25-note XPK-250W Pedalboard includes a special XK-5 compatible expression pedal. It’s the absolute top pedal for the experienced organ player.


The Hammond® XK-5 System does for appearance what the innards of the XK-5 do for sound. 

Demand nothing less than perfection from your Tone-Wheel Organ Sound,  feel the Touch and Responsiveness and you will know that you are not playing a clone.


The upper manual XK-5 and the lower manual XLK-5 are the basis of the Hammond XK-5 system.

Besides the Wooden Stand and a metal stand in Black, Hammond also offers 5 kinds of pedalboards, 2 kinds of benches, a Music-Rest and an Expression Pedal.


The XK-5 has no internal speakers and must be connected to a Leslie® speaker or a set of Keyboard Amplifiers. The recommended Leslies are the 3300P and 3300WP.


XK-5 System dimensions: 117 cm, incl. Music-Rest (H), 119 cm (W). Depth depends on which Pedalboard is being used.

Hammond XK5 Full System - Wood