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New SK Keyboards to Launch at Frankurt International Music Festival Next Week

a new chapter begins ... Rock legend Jon Lord will unveil the
New Sk ‘stage keyboard series‘
to pre invited guests at the Frankfurt Music Messe at 11 am Wed 6th April 2011

We are very happy and excited about this 'awesome' new keyboard range and thrilled that our own Malc Deakin has been chosen to make the show in the 'live demo room' on the Hammond booth for this 'world exclusive product launch'

Will will be located @ Booth C30 in Halle 5 .0

Make sure you follow the BLOG for more news as it happens live from the MUSIKMESSE next week
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At Hammond, there have been many new product launches through the remarkable history of this iconic brand.

From Laurens Hammond’s original ground breaking engineering developments, right up to the present, where Suzuki continue to invest in technological advances that enables the Hammond brand to move forward into the future of music making.

The new Hammond SK series, debuting at the 2011 Frankfurt Music Fair, illustrates the dedication of a company that truly understands and believes in its future.

These two new instruments represent all that has been asked for by keyboard performers, from all genres of music, over the last few years and brings to the market Hammond products that have evolved laterally but still maintain their essential core sound and performance characteristics.

There is no doubt that these new instruments mark the beginning of yet another chapter in the continuing Hammond story and we all are extremely excited by their inclusion into the range.

We will be bringing the new SK instruments to the UK in the very near future


massive clear out of our demo stock .. save £'s

XK- Pro System
XLK-3 lower manual
XPK Bass Pedals -
Leslie 3300 and Leslie 2101 mk2 + many more items

more details here

See us in Kent 5th and 6th Feb 2011

Kent Keyboard Show
5th and 6th Feb 2011 - see us there .....

We are once again going to attend one of our favourite shows details here:

If you get chance to visit us at the Kent International Keyboard Show it would be great to see you.
This year I am going to try and do lots of Q&A sessions as well as the normal hands on and demo stuff.
Ever wanted to know how to tweak the sounds of your XK beyond recognition ?

Sessions on recording Hammond into existing songs / mixes and using the mighty Hammond with computers and arranger keyboards

If you have ever wanted to own. learn to play or are just interested in Hammond Organs, this is the show you should really attend.

UK product specialist and Hammond Artiste Malc Deakin will be on hand along with Hammond Organ UK Managing Director Barrie Freeman to answer all you questions and show you around the incredible New Generation Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker range

Also at this show there will be a once in a lifetime chance to own a limited edition HAMMOND M44 at an incredible low price

click here for a more detailed schedule of sessions and other things happening at this show


Venue Details below
The show runs from 10am to 5pm Sat and Sun
Holiday Inn
Southwold Rd, Bexley DA5 1ND
0871 942 9006

View Larger Map</a>

New B-3 and 122 installed in one of the Finest Studios around

Hammond News
B-3 Ultimo and Leslie 122 installed in one of the Premier Studios in Europe

This is an amazing place and hope to bring you an in depth report soon. Cheers Malc

Full story coming in Jan 2011

See Us At The Kent International Keyboard Show

We are once again going to attend one of our favourite shows
Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th Feb 2011

There will be a little more info about the format from Malc next moth (Jan 2011)

Hope to see you there ..

full details here:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all ..

News and Articles coming up in Jan 2011

See Us At The Kent International Keyboard Show
Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th Feb 2011
full details here:

B-3 Ultimo and Leslie 122 installed in one of the Premier Studios in Europe This is an amazing place and hope to bring you an in depth report soon. Cheers Malc Full story coming in Jan 2011

Paul Carrack uses the Hammond H44 Melodion and Hammond XK-3c .. full story coming soon

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Read the Christmas 2010 BLOG from Barrie Freeman
click here

Xmas BLOG 2010

It is always at this time of the year that I reminisce most about the joys of
winter nights out gigging.

I played for many years in a three/ four piece function band and coming up to Christmas was always our busiest time.
We played many corporate dinner dances at lavish London hotels and some very nice club venues. Nice gigs, well paid, always good food and a good bonus for going over time.

Altogether a great experience until, that is, the end of the night when, many times in minus temperatures, the Hammond (which was always heavier at the end of a gig) and Leslie had to be manhandled down flights of icy fire escapes, The Jerry Allen trolley finding four inches of snow totally non navigable and the CF van ( not a transit man) completely frozen up.

My thoughts are therefore with all of you braving these current torrid conditions in the name of music and entertainment hoping the enjoyment of the performance will far out way the behind the scenes, real work the paying customers never gets to see.

On the other hand I must admit to being more than somewhat jealous of today’s Hammond players having such incredible instruments like the Xk1 and Xk3 that make this part of their gigging life so much easier.

I would like to wish all of our friends and customers, gigging musicians or otherwise a very happy and safe Christmas and healthy and prosperous 2011.


DUBLIN MUSIC SHOW OCT 2010 Report and Short Movie ..

There was such a 'vibe' about this show (-:
As we had never exhibited in Ireland before we just did not know what to expect ?

Great venue .. great people . and lots & lots of interest in the HAMMOND range.

For the first time ever
I did NOT use a Leslie with the New B-3 !!
One of the new features of the B-3 mk2 is that it has a awesome Leslie simulator on board so I decided to use this show as an experiment to see how it would cope in a live situation.

The was result .... FANTASTIC ... No one could believe what they heard

A big thanks must go to John Hornby Skewes and HK AUDIO for supplying me with the incredible HK L.U.C.A.S MAX PA which I used for this show.

As some of you already will know I have used HK AUDIO PA and monitors on many shows around Europe over the past few years and in my opinion it ROCKS !! Check out the short movie below to hear the results and some information about their new ELEMENTS range.

I met all types of musicians at the show .. some pro players, lots of studio and production folk, and home players who were very excited to see the Hammond back in the spotlight.
One thing was common amongst all our visitors though .. and that was the shear amazement at how good the new generation Hammond Equipment is.

I really enjoyed this trip and had a great time .. not to mention one of our customers taking the New B-3 home with him straight from the show !!!

Thanks DUBLIN .. We'll Be Back ..,.
Cheers .. Malc

Barrie's BLOG Oct 2010 .... The Music Show DUBLIN

I decided to get involved with the Dublin Music show this year as we were getting an increasing amount of enquiries from Ireland and as Hammond had not had a presence in this country for such a long time I felt it was a good opportunity to introduce the ‘new generation’ instruments and to start building a new base in the region.

It is interesting that, this year, the major music shows in the UK have had a hard time.
With both ‘Music Live’ in Birmingham and the London Music Show being cancelled for one reason or another. These exhibitions are feeling the effect of both the soaring costs involved and the effect of internet trading on such promotions.
It was therefore even more pleasing to find not only a very vibrant event in Dublin but a show formula that seems to be very successful. I am sure this will be a regular event for us in the future. I would like to thank all that visited us at the show and congratulate the organisers for their extremely friendly and professional assistance.

Check out Malc's report and
see a short movie about the show here

Barrie's BLOG Sept 2010

I have been severely berated lately for not updating my blog more often. So with the summer months nearly behind us and as attention moves back from holidays and sunny outdoor pursuits to more agreeable pastimes like Hammond performances, it is probably a fitting opportunity to start to put things right.

Hammond means many things to many people. This year, especially, it has been fascinating meeting and talking to varied generations of Hammond players.
Without doubt, one highlight has been being able to spend some time with rock icon Jon Lord.

As you can see from the site we have worked closely with Jon on a few projects and it has been brilliant to hear the stories of his association with Hammond. His personal and totally unsolicited endorsement of the new B3 is a testament to the authenticity of the current instruments and his video interview, now on the site and filmed around the time of his sixty-ninth birthday, shows the legendary performer still as passionate as ever about Hammond.

It has been just as rewarding, however, to work with some of the upcoming professional keyboard players who insist that to ‘get the gig’ they must have the real thing and in a multi keys set up that usually has meant the XK3c.
This incredible drawbar keyboard has been found on major tours,
local gigs, professional studios and home studios alike and without doubt has become the generic Hammond keyboard instrument, being hailed as the ‘best ever’.
We will be bringing some of these player profiles to the site so you can share their experiences.

Following on from the success of the Hammond Player DVD we have been asked to produce a second similar product. This year we have been busy filming product information videos which are now finished. The ‘Meet The’ B3, XK3c and Xk1 are available now online at and give an insight into how to get the very best out of these instruments. Attention can now be refocused on a new ‘Player’ video. hopefully for 2011.

For those interested in education, this is developing nicely, introducing a totally new generation to Hammond performance. At Keyboard-tech, ( the West London based Hammond tuition Lab opened earlier this year enrolment to the Hammond courses is increasing rapidly and also many budding Hammond players have attended Malc’s one to one sessions at the Sheffield Ham Lab.

I am very pleased to report that, unlike the experience of most trades, we have not been too affected by the depressed economic climate. Business has been a bit patchy since March, not helped by the World Cup attention and the warm days through May and June, but, our regional stockists have seen steady activity through this time and are now reporting a definite upturn in Hammond enquiries, looking forward to an even better winter period.
It is very important to note that only instruments purchased from our authorised UK stockists are fully guaranteed in the UK.

On the promotion front I am particularly pleased regarding our upcoming visit to the Music show in Dublin. Over the last few years we have been getting an increasing amount of enquiries from Ireland and this is our first attempt at bringing the ‘new generation’ Hammond instruments to the country. I hope Malc and I will be able to speak to many local Hammond enthusiasts on the stand.
Details are in the events section.

We hope to structure a few extra regional activities before the end of 2010 so keep an eye on the site or register for our newsletters to keep you up to date with events.

Catch up again soon.

Barrie Freeman
Managing Director
Hammond Organ UK

Malc Deakin Talks to Jon Lord


Rock Legend Jon Lord has been featured several times on our site over the past months.
Jon has his own New Generation B-3p portable and Leslie 3300.

In an interview shot at his studio this summer, Malc talks to Jon about his career, his music and his growing affection for his new B-3.

UK On Line Accessory Shop HAMMOND PLAYER

The Hammond Organ UK Accessory Shop is now back on line
follow the link at the top of the page.

A few weeks ago, Malc Deakin shot hours of video covering all aspects of the whole of the current Hammond Organ Range of Instruments

Visit Hammond Player and check it out.

More soon .........

SEE US IN DUBLIN SAT 2nd and SUN 3rd October 2010

Meet up with Barrie Freeman and Malc Deakin from Hammond Organ UK and try & learn all about the very latest range of Hammond Organs
We will be showing the Mighty new B-3 mk2 Hammond XK-3c Hammond XK-1 Hammond XM-2
+ the range of Hammond's Innovative H series Electro / Acoustic Melodions

for details of the venue and tickets click here
download the newsletter sheet click here


NEW B-3mk2 - XK-3C - XK-1 - XM-2 MIDI MODULE


Hope you can make it .. Barrie & Malc

Thanks to all that attended the Leeds Show

Thank you to everyone that came to see us at the Leeds 'Hammond Sessions' Show.

We had a great time and really enjoyed meeting new friends and fellow Hammond Lovers.

Special thanks to Alison and Paul plus the rest of the Production Room team for organising this event and making it all run smoothly with excellent hospitality.

Cheers ... Barrie and Malc

Leeds Show and Jon Lord

Just a quick reminder that you can see us + Malc and the trio in Leeds Thursday 27/05/10
Click here for details
Jon Lord
We have just returned back from visiting Jon Lord at his studio.
What a very nice chap he is not to mention a Hammond Playing Legend.
Be sure to keep an eye on the
Hammond Organ UK site for 'video podcast' featuring Jon and the New B-3p and 3300 Leslie
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Hope to see you in Leeds
Kind regards
Hammond Organ UK
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