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At the 2013 Winter NAMM Hammond announced the release of two new additions to their highly popular Sk series of stage/performance keyboard instruments. The Sk1-73 and Sk1-88 models feature 73 and 88 note keyboards, respectively. The two new models join the original Sk1 (61 keys) and the Sk2 (twin 61 note keyboards). All four models share the same specifications.

The new models are in response to the many piano players buying their first Hammond, surprised that such a rich and responsive set of piano voices and more emanates from an instrument equipped with drawbars. Those piano players are more comfortable playing a longer keyboard, so the new 73 and 88 note keybeds have the Hammond-style "waterfall" keyboards to accommodate traditional Hammond style performance but are also semi-weighted to facilitate comfortable piano play.

The Sk series, released last year, provides the keyboard player a comprehensive set of essential sounds suitable for any style of music, featuring an authentic Hammond Organ with Digital Leslie Speaker. Acoustic and Electric Grand Pianos, Electric Pianos (Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and FM), Clavinet, Accordion, Transistor Organ (Vox, Farfisa, and Jaguar), Synth and Orchestral voices plus 32 ranks of authentic pipe organ voices complete the sound set. All of these sounds reside in ultra-lightweight units that range from the 15 pound Sk1 to the 35 pound Sk2. It's everything needed to play any show in any genre.

The Hammond name has been the brand leader in organs for 77 years, but modern players want highly portable (yet potent) instruments that provide multiple voices.. The Sk's are able to jump from screaming, vintage B-3 to a funky clav, to a stately Grand Piano all in the press of a button, and every inch of the sound engine can be modified and adapted to meet the player's needs.

12 different Hammond Profiles with 18 discrete parameters combined with 16 Digital Leslie Profiles give you thousands of Vintage and Modern Hammond tones, Add to that 36 Discrete Keyboard, Synth and Orchestral Voices with 114 variations and you have a comprehensive foundation keyboard instrument that is the centerpiece of any player's rig.

The Sk1-73 will be available in the UK from Mid February and the Sk1-88 from mid May 2013. RRP are £1699 and £1899 respectively, although internet shop prices may be cheaper.

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