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Malc and the Ham Lab Project

Well hello there ......

You may have already heard that I am opening a brand new concept called Hammond Laboratory or as I like to call it HamLab.

This is a brand new concept and a total resource for Playing - Learning - Trying - Using and Owning Hammond Organs and Leslie Speakers.

HamLab is equipped to a very high level and some of the equipment installed in the Lab is as follows... New B-3 Pro portable - Hammond Pro XK System on the new wooden B-3 style stand - Hammond XK-3c - Hammond XK-1 Leslie 2101 mk2 - Leslie 3300 and normally the classic Leslie 122 + an assortment of back-line and PA including a Roland KC500 combo and a bi-amped CROWN powered 4 x cabinet PA. So ... you can hear any of the Hammond's though every scenario from Leslie Speakers to straight amps or a combination of both. Cool eh ???

There is also a full APPLE MAC powered DAW recording / production system running the very latest version of LOGIC Pro + 1000's of software instrument and effects plug ins. If that is not enough there is also normally a high end workstation like a KORG M-3 or similar available !

So.....what can you achieve by visiting HamLab ... er well .... just about everything !

You can come along and just try the gear or you can book an appointment for Hammond Player Lessons, book a product knowledge session and get to know your XK keyboard or organ in depth. Ever fancied learning to play a B-3 ? well we have one here. If you want to get more into using your Hammond with other MIDI equipment, keyboards, computers and the like HamLab can help here as well. I'll show you how to use you Hammond as part of a mix in an band or MIDI ensemble and you can even burn then session to CD and take it home with you.

If you have an auto arranger keyboard or MIDI piano let us show you how blend your Hammond into this fantastic way of making music with a Hammond Connections Session. You wont believe your ears when you experience a Hammond Keyboard configured correctly to an auto arranger. This is a field I know very very well and as some of may know I have worked as a promoter demonstrator for Farfisa, Ketron, Korg, GEM, and of course the mighty Hammond of the years so I have a vast knowledge base of using this kind of set up. I have also worked extensively in R&D for certain manufacturers designing and programming keyboards. May I even say (blush, blush) .... after a major product launch in New York I was described by the press as the Worlds Ultimate Arranger Keyboard Player (-:

Even as I type this blog, there is a brand new KORG PA arranger workstation waiting to be installed in the Lab. More on this in a late edition


Couple this with 40 years experience of professional playing, demonstrating and using Hammond Organs and other keyboards all over the world with extensive tours of the USA, Far East and of course Europe and the UK circuit, I am sure I have something to offer all players no matter what age group or style of music is involved.

HamLab is open for business Friday 31st July and Sunday 1st August as 'Open Days' so you can have a look at what we have to offer.

Visits to HamLab are strictly by appointment only so if you intend to come along, please call or email me to arrange a time. The actual studio room is not that large so I need to make sure that no one is kept waiting. or call 07702 446618

There will be another BLOG very soon outlining some of the events taking place very soon at the Lab.

Don't forget to subscribe to the mail list to be informed of any events or special offers at the Lab

Thats all for now ..

Hopeful will see you at the Lab in the near future.

visit the HamLab Web Site
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