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ideal for the XK3 - XK1 - XK33 - XK2 keyboards

Adding this bass pedal unit to your keyboard will give you the flexibility of a Hammond Organ with Bass Pedals which will fit on the back seat of a small family saloon car..

MIDI sockets make this pedal board compatible with any MIDI equipped keyboard or organ

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ideal for XK 33 system

available with matching bench

XPK 100 MIDI 13 note Foot Bass Controller


PK-25PXK 25 note MIDI Bass Pedal Board

25 notes

Controls: Expression, Foot-switch
Terminals: MIDI-out, Expression
Accessories: Midi Cable (2m), 8-Pin Cable (1.5m), Cable Label "MIDI" (2pcs), Cable Label "EXP" (2pcs)
Weight: 25 kg
Dimensions: W 108cm, D 90cm, H 20cm (without expression pedal)


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